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Although canoeing Canada's most spectacular rivers is our mainstay, we have to admit that our home base, on the Churchill River is teaming with fish and offers excellent angling opportunities.

Fishing is at its best immediately after ice-out, (mid-May - early July), with excellent northern pike, walleye, and sauger angling right on our doorstep.


  • For those wishing to bring their own boat, Missinipe hosts an excellent boat launch.
  • We offer boat rentals
  • We offer equipment rentals such as: fishing nets and buckets for caught fish (we do not rent fishing rods).
  • Self-guided fishing trips are possible. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to with up to date angling information and point you to local hot spots.
  • Our experienced, seasoned guides are available to provide a memorable angling experience.


Northern Pike (Esox lucius)

Northern PikeNorthern Pike are the undisputed rulers of our northern waters. Their agressive, voracious feeding habits make them an excellent quarry. Pike on the Churchill River average 3-10 lbs., with larger northerns up to 20+ lbs. being common. Battling giant Pike in the currents of the Churchill River is truly a thrilling experience.



Walleye (Sander vitreus vitreus)

WalleyeChurchill River Walleye are plentiful. Found literally in every pocket, near every section of running water, in every pool on the Churchill, a day of Walleye angling promises great numbers and many angling memories.

Churchill River Walleye average 1-3 lbs., with fish of 4-8 lbs. often caught.


Sauger (Sander canadensis)

SaugerSauger are the little cousins of Walleye. They are smaller, and tend to relate to heavier currents than their cousins. They are distinguished from Walleye by the distinctly spotted dorsal fin, by the lack of a white splotch on the caudal fin, by the rough skin over their gill, and by their generally more brassy color, or darker (almost black) color in some regions.



Pike on the Fly

Pike on the FlyAn 8-10 weight, 8-10 foot fly rod; high quality floating (sinking also an option) fly line; a larger capacity reel with ample backing; a selection of colourful larger streamers and poppers - these elements combine to create one of the most exciting angling experiences around - PIKE on a FLY!

The premium time for taking Pike with a fly rod is from ice-out to early July.







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