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Churchill River Canoe OutfittersOver the past 40 years Churchill River Canoe Outfitters has slowly been collecting a mass of canoe route information. Many of these descriptions are now ready. We are constantly in the process of putting this information in a form that is most useful for the canoeist. We have information on most northern Saskatchewan Rivers and many rivers outside Saskatchewan. We sell this information for a modest fee depending on the number of pages to photocopy and mailing charges. If you are interested in information on any rivers in our area of travel, please contact us.





Map Sales

We stock maps of every river you can paddle in Northern Saskatchewan as well as many maps ofNorthern Manitoba and southern Nunavut. We have these maps available all winter. When you have your route planned and you need your maps, give us a call. We will be happy to send them to you. You can stop in and pick up these in our Missinipe office throughout the summer.

Churchill River Canoe Outfitters is also producing a series of Specialty Canoe Maps. These maps include portages, good camping spots, the difficulty of the rapids, and other interesting features. These maps will soon include recent forest fire information. In most cases ourSpecialty Canoe Maps are at a scale of 1/50,000. The maps we have produced are as follows:

  • Barker Lake (synthetic option)
  • Carswell Lake to Lake Athabasca 1, 2, & 3
  • Churchill River 1 - Ile a la Crosse to Patuanak
  • Churchill RIver 2 - Patuanak to Knee Lake
  • Churchill River 3 - Knee Lake to Snake Rapids
  • Churchill River 4 - Snake Rapids to Sandfly Lake
  • Churchill River 5 - Sandfly to Trout Lake
  • Churchill River 6 - Trout to Otter Lake
  • Churchill River 7 - Otter Lake (synthetic option)
  • Churchill River 8 - Otter Lake to Nistowiak
  • Churchill River 9 - Nistowiak Lake to Trade Lake
  • Churchill River 10 - Trade Lake to Iskwatam Lake
  • Churchill River 11 - Iskwatam Lake to Pita Lake
  • CHurchill River 12 - Pita Lake to Sandy Bay
  • Clearwater River Upper 1, 2, & 3
  • Clearwater Lower 1 & 2
  • Clearwater River - Whitemud Falls to Fort McMurray 1 & 2
  • Cree River 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5
  • Fond Du Lac 1, 2 & 3
  • Four Portages Bay to Stanley Mission (Synthetic Option)
  • Hickson to Paull Lake
  • Lac La Ronge Area
  • La Ronge Park Routes
  • Lake Diefenbaker & Area
  • Lake Diefenbaker East
  • McKay Lake to Otter Lake
  • MacLennan Lakes Canoe Area
  • Nemeiban Lake to Churchill River
  • MacKay Lake to Churchill River
  • Paull River 1 & 2
  • Porcupine River 1 & 2
  • Reindeer Lake 1 to 5 (sold seperately)
  • Prince Albert National Park
  • Weaver River
  • Waterfound 1,2, & 3

Soon to be completed are the following maps:

  • Foster River
  • Cree River

These maps are available on our web store: or in our Missinipe Office.

"Memory-Map TopoTracker" - Now 1/50,000 scale and 1/250,000 scale topographic maps are available that you can view and print from your computer. Maps of all of Saskatchewan are available in one package. Along with the maps comes a program called Memory Map Navigator. This program allows you to view, manipulate and print maps. Never before has trip dreaming and trip planning been easier. Instead of a huge pile of topographic canoe trip maps stored under your bed, they can now be easily stored in your computer. It comes highly recommended by Ric.

We have "Memory-Map TopoTracker Saskatchewan" is available for $99.95 plus shipping and taxes.

Visit our online store

Guided Canoe Trips

Horizons Unlimited Wilderness Tours has many scheduled, guided canoe trips offered on this site. Please keep in mind that we will also take many guided, unscheduled canoe trips with private groups. These canoe trips include rivers in Northern Saskatchewan, Northern Manitoba and southern Nunavat. Rivers such as the following:

  • Foster River (north central Saskatchewan)
  • Porcupine River (northeast Saskatchewan)
  • Waterfound River (northeast Saskatchewan)
  • Kazan River (southern Nunavut)
  • MacFarlane River (northwest Saskatchewan)
  • Grease River (northeast Saskatchewan)
  • Geikie River (north central Saskatchewan)
  • Cree River (north central Saskatchewan)
  • Hawkrock River (northeast Saskatchewan)
  • Dubawnt River (southern Nunavut)
  • Otherside River (northwest Saskatchewan)
  • Paull River (north central Saskatchewan)
  • Seal River (northern Manitoba)
  • Churchill River (north central Saskatchewan)
  • Fond du Lac River (northeast Saskatchewan)
  • William River (northwest Saskatchewan)
  • Clearwater River (northwest Saskatchewan)



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