Ric and Theresa Driediger are the owners of Churchill River Canoe Outfitters.

Ric Driediger

Ric started guiding canoe trips in this area in 1973 and he has never left. If he hasn’t been on a canoe route in Saskatchewan, he has talked with several groups who have. He is full of stories and information that will be an asset to any canoe trip you can imagine in these parts.
In 1976, after guiding a few summers Ric started a non-profit company called Wilderness Trails. This organization primarily took church youth groups on canoe trips. While guiding a canoe trip in the summer of 1978 Ric met his future partner, Theresa and were married in 1979. In 1979, Ric started a for-profit company called Horizons Unlimited. Horizons worked along side Wilderness Trails in offering canoe trips to the public. In 1986 Horizons Unlimited purchased Churchill River Canoe Outfitters. Ric is still there.
Up until the early 90s, Ric spent most of his summer days guiding. From that time on, Ric has spent more of his time in Missinipe, meeting groups as they start and finish canoe trips. He loves hearing their stories and telling stories from other groups as they pass through.  
During the winter months, Ric works as a pastor in the Mennonite Church. His sermons are full of references to a life time spent in wilderness.

Theresa Driediger

Theresa grew up spending time in wilderness with her family at their various places of escape throughout Alberta. She has always been comfortable in the outdoors. Theresa loves cooking over a fire.
She met Ric on a canoe trip he was guiding. They were soon married and guided canoe trips together.
Theresa has a love of the art of building a variety of things. She built beautiful cedar epoxy canoes to pay her way through her masters degree. She continues to be creatively involved in many crafts. She uses this creative genius in the maintaining of Churchill River Canoe Outfitters.
Theresa is a Registered Psychologist. She has worked in indigenous communities across northern Saskatchewan and Alberta. She now has a practice in both Saskatoon and Rosthern.

Heidi Seida

Heidi Seida

Eating well and traveling light are two key elements for an enjoyable paddle in the wilderness. Heidi, our Food Manager has spent a large part of her life studying food preparation and dehydration. Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, Heidi has always been an avid canoeist, four-season camper, and cross-country skier.

Heidi met Ric Driediger in her former capacity as Recreation Director for the Saskatchewan Canoe Association, (now Canoe Kayak Saskatchewan). Upon learning of her wilderness cuisine culinary skills, Ric recruited Heidi to CRCO. Our guests have been enjoying her savory delights under the Northern Lights for the past twelve years.

Heidi's knowledge of dehydration techniques and canoe-tripping recipes comes from her experience on the water. She is an accomplished canoeist and guide, holding Canoe Tripping II, Lake Water I, and Flat Water Instructor certificates. She has spent a great deal of time on the North and South Saskatchewan Rivers, and travelled the waters in the Prince Albert National Park, the Gieke River, the Thlewiaza River and the Thelon River. When time allows, she explores Otter Lake, parts of the Churchill and north of the Churchill.

"Anybody can go out in the wilderness and be uncomfortable. It takes a little thought and finess to be comfortable. I like to try out new ideas and recipes by field-testing them on a trip before I offer them to our clients."

As well as preparing tasty fare, Heidi carefully considers the nutritional needs of each party she supplies. She is always looking for new ways to provide clients with the extra calories they need on the water and to replace the fats lost in the dehydration process.

There's nothing like enjoying one of Heidi's gourmet wilderness creations beside pristine waters, with a loon calling in the background, after a long day's paddle. There isn't a Five-Star restaurant in the world that can offer that!

Sarah Driediger

Sarah Driediger

Sarah was born and grew up at Churchill River Canoe Outfitters. She loves going out canoeing in the evenings to practice her solo flatwater strokes. Sarah enjoys working in the CRCO office. Her inherited knowledge of the area has helped many guests plan their canoe trips.

Sarah is a Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Lymphedema Therapist and has opened her own business, Achieve Massage Therapy in Winnipeg. She is easily recognized by her big smile and if you go down to the CRCO dock in the evening, she may be paddling her little red canoe.