When you receive your Advanced Canoe White Water Instructors Certification you will be qualified as a top level white water canoe instructor. You will have proven yourself to be an excellent canoeist in white water both tandem and solo. You are also a top level instructor of white water skills. You have strong judgement skills and therefore can avoid most emergencies. But when an emergency happens you are quick to know how to deal with it. Your first aid and rescue skills are strong. You've proven yourself to be an excellent outdoor chef. We are assuming that you already have these skills. This course is designed to help you with being able to articulate and communicate these skills to others.

Pre-requisite Skills

Since this is only a short school it is very important to come with the required skills in order to allow the school to run smoothly. These are the prerequisites:

You have the following Paddle Canada Certifications or equivalent skill or experience: Advanced Lake Paddling, Advanced White Water, you are a good swimmer and are not afraid of water; you have years of white water canoeing experience

Testing Terms

Skills: rescues, eddy turn, peel out, s turn, front ferry, back ferry, jet ferry, side slip, front serf, side surf, canoe design, canoe repair and canoe outfitting. These skills need to be preformed in Class III rapids.

Any client showing their ability to teach, communicate and demonstrate the above skills will receive the Instructors Certification.

Cost & Dates

This course is being offered by custom instruction only. If you have a group who is interested, please contact us. We can help set up dates and an instructor.