This course teaches the skills that competent white water paddlers need in order to reach that next level of canoeing skill. During the course you'll take the maneuvers you learned to do and apply them to much more difficult rapids. You will hone your skills to precision. Participants will practice canoe-over-canoe and throw bag rescues all in more difficult rapids. At the end of this course, you'll be comfortable paddling in Class 3 water. You'll be opening up a whole realm whitewater playing possibilities.

We spend the weekend camping out, usually on Barker Island just upstream from our base in Missinipe. It is a 2 hour paddle and one short portage to our Barker Island base camp. Churchill River Canoe Outfitters supplies all the food and eating utensils and emergency equipment. Our qualified instructors are competent and fun loving.

The course begins on Thursday evening at 6:00 with a supper and some evening instruction at our Paddlers Hostel in Missinipe. The course fees include this night in our Hostel. Then Friday morning the group paddles out to Barker Island where a camp is set up for the weekend. The group returns by 4:00 PM on Sunday. If accommodations are needed after the course contact Churchill River Canoe Outfitters.

Pre-requisite Skills

Since this is only a short school it is important to come with the required skills in order to allow the school to run smoothly. These are the prerequisites:

You are a good swimmer and are not afraid of water; you have Paddle Canada’s Advanced White Water Tandem or equivalent; you can paddle a straight line in the stern of the canoe without switching sides; you have practised well the following strokes: front stroke, draw/pry correction stroke (bow and stern), cross bow draw; you can do eddy turns in class II white water (tandem); you can do front and back ferries class II white water (tandem).

Testing Terms

Safety Knowledge: canoe over canoe rescue in class II white water, rescues in moving water from shore (both the canoe and people), throw bag rescues from a canoe, self rescues.

Strokes: upstream braces.

Demonstrate: (in difficult class II rapids tandem) upstream ferrying, eddy turns, S turns, back ferrying, paddling a pre planned course down a rapid, front ferrying, jet ferrying, side slips, front surfing, side surfing, portaging.

Other: canoe and environmental ethics, river running theory, reading white water, knowledge of river classification, rescue organization, canoe history, canoe maintenance & repair, paddler dynamics

Other Information

You will bring your own equipment (tent and sleeping bag and other personal gear). Churchill River Canoe Outfitters will supply all group gear, food, canoe and rescue equipment.


These prices are in Canadian dollars and are subject to GST.

July 16-18, 2021 

If you have a group who is interested, please contact us. We can help set up dates and an instructor.